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Gil Grattan has spearheaded the development of a survey of the entire green industry. We owe him a huge measure of thanks because over twelve years have elapsed since the last one! Please take time to click on the appropriate link and complete the on-line survey. We need to let persons in the General Assembly know the size and economic importance of our industry!

Because all the aforementioned associations are participating in the survey, each industry association will distribute the survey to their members from now through December 2016.  Pending the level of participation, we aim to complete the survey by Spring /early Summer of 2017.  

Below, there are links to surveys for the Sports Turf and Lawn Care areas. Choose the one (either click link or copy and paste the link into your web browser) for the industry with which you are most familiar. Please make sure to share it with your friends and associates in the industry.  Our goal is to utilize the data collected to let everybody know we are a significant industry in the State of Virginia.

Industry Area/Survey Link
Golf Survey
Sports Turf
Lawn Care

The survey requires data that you may need to locate, look up or consult colleagues to obtain. We recommend that you look at the survey and either print or write down the questions for which you do not have direct access. If you start the survey and then exit, it is likely that you will NOT be able to pick up where you left off. We suggest that you plan to complete the survey in a single session. However, if you do get closed out of the survey for any reason, simply re-access the survey and be sure to indicate your company name again at the beginning of the survey, and then continue where you left off. The survey administrators will be able to match the data together.

Although responses are not anonymous, data will be treated confidentially. Data will be aggregated across respondents within each industry cluster (e.g. Arboriculture). Individual responses will not portrayed in the report. 
If you have any questions or comments, please email me ( or the survey administrators directly at Thank you in advance for your participation! 

Virginia’s Agriculture Economic Impact is $52 billion annually, and agriculture is the largest industry in the Commonwealth.  Forestry adds another $18 billion annually, with both industries having combined revenue of $70 billion (2012 survey data).       

The Green Industry in Virginia is comprised of golf courses, sports turf managers, wholesale producers, landscape retail business, nurseries or providers of landscape services. Collectively, all of these green industries employee thousands of workers, purchase products, rent or own buildings, and provide the State of Virginia with tax revenue.   

Based on previously reported totals from the turf and/or green industries of other southern states (data below), we estimate the annual economic impact value for Virginia's Green Industry to be $8-10 Billion (or higher!).
The Green Industry is a substantial economic force that continues to grow, as demonstrated by these annual economic values from nearby states:  
●      NC Green Industry (2005) - $8.6 Billion
●      Tennessee (Turf Only) Impact Survey (2013) - $5.8 Billion
●      Florida Green Industry (2005) - $15.24 Billion
In Virginia, facing legislative issues, a lack of money to support industry research and development at Virginia Tech, and a host of other factors (labor, economic, environment etc.), industry leaders launched the idea of completing a Green Industry Survey for Virginia.  Utilizing 2005 data when discussing economic importance, the number of industry employees, and other facts and figures, our voices were not being heard, and therefore the green industry was being ignored. BY completing this survey, OUR INDUSTRY can update statewide data on acreage, plant material, employee counts, expenses and revenue to further support our industry initiatives.

After two years of working on a plan and a strategy, we have finally funded the cost of the survey and hired an outside party to manage the development and administration. With support of industry associations, we have developed on gotten feedback on the survey questions from all the industry groups.  The current associations participating in the survey are:
●      Virginia Turfgrass Council
●      Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association
●      Virginia Golf Course Superintendents
●      Virginia Sod Growers Association
●      Virginia Sports Turf Managers Association
●      Virginia Department of Transportation
●      Virginia Flower Growers Association
●      Virginia Turfgrass Foundation
●      Virginia Cemetery Association
●      Virginia Professional Grounds Management Association
●      Mid-Atlantic Association of ISA
●      Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association




The Virginia Turfgrass Council has been around since 1960. It was the brain child of Virginia Tech Professors who saw the need for an association to serve Virginia's Turfgrass Industry. We never forget our roots, our mission and who we serve.


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